Biodiversity and “Biounicity”

XVI FISV Congress

Reggia di Portici (Naples), Italy • 15-18 September 2020

Reggia di Portici (Naples), Italy
15-18 September 2020


  • Registrations
  • Payments
  • Abstracts
  • Registration fees

    The registration fee includes entry to all scientific sessions and poster viewing, the congress kit, coffee breaks, and welcome cocktail. Lunches are not included. For security and logistic purposes, participants must wear the badge VISIBLY at all times during the congress.

    Participants can sign up for the social dinner (17 September) and for lunch boxes (16 and 17 September) during the payment procedure. Further information will be available in the Social Dinner & Lunches section.

      Online Registration
    (until 7 August 2020)
    On-site Registration

    *To benefit from the "Junior" registration fee, participants must fall in one of the following categories:

    • undergraduate students (studenti di laurea)
    • Ph.D. students (dottorandi)
    • trainees (tirocinanti gratuiti)
    • fellows (borsisti, assegnisti di ricerca)

    No other categories can benefit from a "Junior" registration fee. If you do not fall in one of the listed categories, please do not enquire about the possibility of paying the reduced fee: you must register as a "Regular" participant.
    To benefit from this discount, a confirmation must be provided by the direct supervisor (further details will be available during the registration procedure).
    Participants who wish to register on site and benefit from a Junior registration fee must present a hardcopy of a letter of verification by their supervisor; the letter must clearly state a) that the participant falls in one of the listed categories, and b) that he/she is not eligible for any other form of funding.

    Regular participant € 300 € 400
    Junior participant* € 100 € 150
  • Payments

    Payment is possible by credit card or bank transfer. Further details about the payment procedure will be available through your personal myFISV, after registration.

    If you wish to be considered for a short talk, you should submit your abstract and make your payment not later than 17 June 2020.

    If you do not wish to be considered for a short talk, and be considered only for a poster presentation, you should submit your abstract and make your payment by 10 July 2020.

    Submitted abstracts will be discarded if the corresponding registration payment is not received within the above mentioned dates.

    Online registrations (and corresponding payments) close on 7 August 2020. After this date, only on-site registrations will be possible, at the prices indicated above. Please note that the only form of payment accepted on site is cash.

    N.B. Your registration fee depends on the effective date of payment, not when you register; please take this into consideration, especially if your administration is handling the payment through a lengthy bureaucratic procedure. Even if you register before 7 August 2020, if you don't pay within this deadline and show up for the congress, you will be charged the on-site registration fee.

    Registration fees are not refundable but they can be transferred to another participant upon approval by the Organising Committee.

  • Guidelines for Abstracts

    Abstracts are accepted exclusively online through your personal myFISV area (you will need to register to have access to the latter).

    The abstract submission deadline is 17 June 2020 to be considered for a short talk and 10 July 2020 for poster only.

    Submitted abstracts will be discarded if the corresponding registration payment is not received within the above mentioned dates.

    Only one abstract per participant is allowed. The abstract should be submitted by the presenting author only.


    The abstract text must be no longer than 1200 characters, spaces included (which is roughly equivalent to 200 words).

    The title must start in uppercase and continue in lowercase, except for conventional terms (ATP, DNA, NFκB, etc). Example:
    This title is written correctly
    This Title is Not Properly Written

    If more than one author, underline your name (the presenting author, in whatever position you appear in the author list) and use commas to separate the names; do not use 'and' before the last author. The presenting author's first name(s) and surname should be written in full; for all other authors, write first name(s) as initials and surname in full. If more than one affiliation, use sequential superscript numbers to identify each institution. Example:
    Mario Rossi1, J. Doe2, F. Bloggs1,2
    1Dept Biomembranes, Golgi & Veratti Univ., Pavia, Italy
    2Dept Bioblast Analyses, Altmann Univ., Leipzig, Germany

    During the submission procedure authors can indicate a preference for poster or oral communications and to which of the following topics the abstract is destined.

    Titles are general, dedicated to all forms of life and aimed at enhancing the cross-contamination among different fields of research. The abstracts submitted will be subdivided into 12 mini-symposia, two for each topic.

    1. Environmental, Evolutionary and Developmental Biology
      Including how organisms adapt to harsh conditions and respond to changing environment including pollutants, (drugs) and stress.
    2. Genetics, Epigenetics and Chromosome Biology
      Including all investigations on genetic and epigenetic mechanisms regulating DNA biology such as, for example, transcription, replication, repair, chromosome and nuclear architecture.
    3. Genomics, Proteomics and Systems Biology
      Including all investigations implying systems biology such as mutational analysis, RNA expression, proteomics and metabolomics.
    4. Current trends in Biotechnology
      Including agricultural, environmental, animal, industrial, pharmaceutical and medical applications.
    5. Food and Nutrition
      Including sustainable agricultural approaches, functional foods, nutraceutics.
    6. Health and Disease
      Including plant and animal disease, novel drug approaches, personalized medicine.

    The Evaluation Committee will subdivide the submitted abstracts into 12 mini-symposia, two for each topic. The Committee will then review the abstracts for oral or flash poster presentations.

    Participants will be notified of the abstract selections for oral presentations on 17 July 2020 and for flash poster presentations on 24 July 2020.

    Poster prizes will be awarded. Prize winners will be announced during the closing remarks and will receive a cash award and a certificate from FISV. Make sure to stand by your poster during your poster session!